Locke Protective Services is a Texas Corporation located in Houston, and was formed to fill the quality niche in the security services industry. For many years, the Houston market for on-site security was served by two or three local companies committed to quality service. Like so many other industries, in recent years those companies were purchased by large national corporations who decreased management personnel, cut pay and benefits to employees, and instituted a remote management system in order to reduce overall operating costs.

bulletClients suffered. The effect has been a loss of service quality and individual account planning resulting in dissatisfied facility and property managers and the people they serve.
bulletOfficers suffered. Reducing benefits and training as well as time and attention to their personal goals increased an already high turnover rate.

Bill Lakenmacher was a witness to the deterioration of customer service in Houston security companies and decided to do something about it. Locke Protective Services was created to meet the demand for a better security company, one that meets the needs of its clients and employees in all phases of business operation; one that puts people first.